Welcome to our classroom! This year we are made up of a small group of nine students and one teacher. We are very close knit group and truly enjoy sharing time together. We help one another with our school work, but also are there to help each other with anything, weather it is school related or personal. We have a lot of fun and are always open to new ways to learn. We love to share personal tricks that we have discovered on our own, to help our friends learn some of the harder things. We use mnemonics, poems, rhymes, pictures, drawings, manipulatives, and lots of other things that make learning easier. We ask lots of questions and then experiment and/or research to find the answers. We just started doing something fun and special within our classroom on Fridays. So far we have had Hat Day, Stuffed Animal Day, and Glasses Day. Be sure to check out some of the pictures we have taken of us working and playing throughout the year.