Google Classroom Tutorial

ACCESS Google Classroom from your home network the first time using school assigned student device (This procedure will be required each time you sign onto a new network for the first time.)

  1. Click Settings on the iPad - select your home network - enter your home network password and join the network - close settings

  2. Click on Google Classroom icon on iPad desktop

  3. Your child's classroom should be available to click on

  4. If required, enter Google classroom code (vzhvjzq) or click on JOIN button

  • If you try to use Safari or Google Chrome, you wil be required to sign into which is Great Northern Schools browser security. Students will need to enter their username and password to search on the Internet. This is typically a one time requirement for each new network signed into.

ACCESS Using device other than school provided student device:

  1. Open Google browser on device

  2. Using Google Classroom username and password, sign into Google Browser

  3. Type in in address bar

  4. Click on desired classroom

NAVIGATING Google Classroom

  1. Click on Classwork tab at the bottom of the screen on IOS devices (top of the screen on Windows devices)

  2. Topics are listed in the column to the left

  3. Click on the topic you desire, which will open links to materials, assignments, and resources for your child. There will be a brief description stating what the link is for.

  4. Click on the link or attachment. Click OPEN with Google if asked.

  5. Sign in with id and password if necessary (typically only the first time)

  6. Complete the task as directed by your child's teacher