K-1: Mrs. Francis

Welcome to our classroom. We currently have twelve children in our primary grades. While the students can be broken down into the following categories of Kindergarten and first-grade pupils, we try to move them independently along a continuum based on the Common Core State Standards, rather than according to grade level. Consequently, we have students working at varying academic levels, based on abilities, throughout our curriculum. Our Kindergarten is now an all-day, five days per week program.

Remote Learning Daily Schedule
September 2020
Mrs. Francis

9am - Morning meeting (Whole Class)

  • Calendar

  • Literacy time

Establish one-on-one sessions with each student.


  • Lunch/Recess

  • Parent/student access via Calendly (set up time to meet one-on-one)

  • Student independent work time


  • Specialists (pre-recorded)

  • Specialists accessible via zoom for support


  • Afternoon meeting - whole/small groups (live or pre-recorded)

  • Student work time

  • Teacher access via calendly if needed

Live instruction via Zoom will be recorded and placed into Google Classroom.

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